This blog is about the amazing Nina Nesbitt.
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happy birthday nina!

@ninanesbitt: Ps it’s not my birthday yet but thanks for the wishes. I just like to string it out for a week in different cities…

Happy 20th Birthday, Nina! - 11th July, 2014


Nina at the grand opening of Library on June 25th 2014, in London

happy 20th birthday nina :)

Nina Lindberg Nesbitt (born 11 July 1994) is a Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist from Edinburgh.

"Put your enemies behind your back, that’s where they always are.”

Nina Nesbitt on Sweety High


Castles ◇

When I was younger I thought about the X factor - when I didn't understand how [the music business] was done. But shows like The X Factor are a great showcase but people are not taking it for real music. Now I've learnt a lot and am glad I've done it my way.


Selfies-> Nina Nesbitt [x]


Just been told PEROXIDE is the highest pre-ordered debut album that Island Records has had! Thanks to you all for supporting it so far x